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Color is Iconic

一彩2平台注册找谁Color has a singular ability to differentiate a brand. Consumers instantly connect with a brand by recognizing a certain color on packaging, signage or promotional material before they've even read a single word.

An assortment of Pantone Custom Color Standards examples

Think of a color you associate with a global brand - the chances are that the color is defined by a Pantone standard. As brands look to protect the value inherent in their colors, and engender a greater sense of ownership in them, increasingly they are coming to the Pantone Color Institute™. We develop custom brand colors, supported by custom standards, to help brands differentiate.

Custom Color Solutions for Every Use

Today, companies need to accurately realize the same brand or product color across multiple materials and our Custom Color standards support color realization across coated materials, print, plastics and textiles in a range of finishes. No matter the industry, material or application, the Pantone Color Institute empowers brand owners, and all those in their supply chains, to ensure the integrity of their color.

Learn more about our Custom Color Standards >

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